Bonsa saffron is packed and certified in Canada with less than one percent impurity.



Bonsa Saffron is available in 4 kind of Iranian Saffron as Negin,Sargol(All Red) and Poushal(Mancha saffron) and Bunch (Dasteh) in 500 gr Metal Tins which protects all benefits of Saffron.


Shipping:Most of the time shipping of saffron is by air .We can ship our products to All Airports around the World.

The lovely spice that adds color and heavenly aroma to food is known as the most expensive spice in the world ,commonly known as Saffron Crocus .


Saffron flower grows 20-30 cm and bears up to 4 or 5 folwers.Flowering period of saffron flowers depends on climate conditions and normally the flowering and harvesting start mid October and usually lasts for about 10-15 days. It  takes about 170 crocus sativus flowers,to obtain 1 g of dried saffron.The annual global production of saffron is 280 to 300 tonnes mainly from Iran.


The quality of saffron is measured by conducting a lab analysis by considering three main factors as Crocin

(Coloring Strenght),Picrocrocin(Flavor strenght) and Safranal(Aroma Strenght) .This is done in the laboratory by ISO (International Organisation for Standarization )professionals,and the higher the number of these 3 factors means the higher quality of Saffron.


Different types of saffron:

Negin Saffron:

The highest quality,and the most valuable type of Saffron which contains all the stigma without the style(yellow part).

The quality according to ISO-Norm 3632-2:

-Colouring,Crocin /+240


-Bitterness,Picrocrocin /+95


 Sargol Saffron:

All red saffron which contains only top red part of the stigma.All broken part are removed .

The quality according to ISO-Norm 3632-2:





Poushal Saffron:

This kind of saffron contains filaments which have 1 to 4 mm style (the yellow part of saffron flower).

The quality according to ISO-Norm 3632-2:





Dokhtar Pitch(Bunch):

Natural saffron which complete stigmas in bundles.The flavour is also integrated in the white parts.




Mode of use of saffron:

Infuse a small amount of Bonsa Saffron in ½ cup(125 ml) and let it stand for five minutes ,Use the infusion at the end of cooking. Serve this solution only for 5 days. You can add this solution in your tea ,rice and many types of food.





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