The benefits of saffron :

The benefits of saffron :

The benefits of saffron :

Saffron as a healthy condiment ,reduces fat and cholesterol is known as sedative , appetizer , antispasmodic and prevents heart disease and cancer and improves memory and reduces blood pressure .

Saffron is used for the treatment of asthma , skin diseases, eye diseases, urinary tract infections , jaundice, bloating, stomach pain , anemia and premenstrual syndrome.

Saffron helps digestion and relieves pain gums.

Saffron , antidepressant without side effects : According to research , the consumption of saffron significantly reduced symptoms of depression .

The effects would also equivalent to those of conventional antidepressants like fluoxetine and imipramine 30 mg of saffron per day are as effective as 20 mg fluoxetine or 100 mg of imipramine . This plant inhibits serotonin reuptake through safranal and crocin its assets. Saffron is effective in cases of mild to moderate depression. Studies are positive about its effectiveness in cases of severe depression.


 Saffron and cancer :There is much scientific evidence that saffron interferes with the lives of cancer cells. The laboratories show that saffron, in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties , can kill malignant cells.




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