Saffron Production in 2019

Saffron Production in 2019

IRAN Exports 200 tons of saffron from Iran in 2019

Mr. MIRI, Director of Saffron Association of Iran in eghtesadonline, said:Saffron production reached more than 350 tons in 2019.Mr MIRI referred to the cultivation, production and global yield of saffron in this year, adding: Iran produced 350 tons of saffron in the first place, India with the production of 22 tons in the second place, Greece with a production of 7.2 tons Third, Afghanistan ranked fourth with 6th in production, Morocco with a production of 2.6 tons in fifth place, Spain with a production of 2.3 tons in the sixth ranking, Italy and China with a production of one ton in the seventh and eighth and Azerbaijan with production 0.23 tons were ranked ninth.

He announced the cultivation of red gold in Iran at 105,000 and 270 hectares, 5,000 and 707 hectares in India, and 2,811 hectares in Afghanistan.The main buyers of saffron in the Middle East are food wholesaler and food industries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates.

By:Jallal Alipour

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